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 Selecting the proper model resolution

With the present method for reverse engineering, the details of the point cloud should be correctly preserved in the intermediary mathematical model. A certain smoothness in this model is attractive to suppress unavoidable noise in the point cloud. When a final CAD model is produced from the intermediary mathematical model, the face resolution should be sufficient to render the mathematical model satisfactory.
Point Cloud

The resolution of the point cloud
This resolution is directly related to the characteristic distance between neighbor points in the cloud (and hence the point density).
Mathematical model

The resolution of the intermediary mathematical model
Here the resolution (low resolution means high smoothness) can be thought of as the size of the smallest details which the model can render. If the resolution is set too high the resulting model will also contain point noise. At the other end of the scale you will get a very simplified (smooth) model.
CAD model

The resolution of the CAD model
This resolution is related to the face size. Smaller faces means that the CAD model will render the mathematical model better. No new details will emerge that were not present in the mathematical model. The number of faces should be sufficient to render the topography of the mathematical model satisfactorily.