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 A reverse engineering technology for
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The concept
The idea is to replace the traditional triangulation method with a technology that entirely avoids the pitfalls of the former by introducing an intermediary, purely mathematical layer in the reverse engineering process.

ConceptMathematical modeling

It is the intermediary mathematical layer that make this program unique in reverse engineering. The mathematical representation offers a lot of new benefits.

Internally, and quite transparent to the user, the software first generates a simple (but topologically sufficient!) 'skeleton' and then inflates/shrinks this to fit to the point cloud.

Integrate this functionality into your software suite:
The power of mathematical modeling can be licensed by software integrators

The tecnology makes it possibly to create a single function that generates the CAD-file. Given the point cloud, this function may take a few input parameters specifying the required degree of mathematical smoothing and face resolution.

The program output is not restricted to STL-files: advanced CAD-files based on NURBS or Solids are also possible.

Airborne laser mapping - NEW!
We have used the mathematical modeling technology to create a program for generating models from airborne laser scannings.