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 Independent face and point cloud resolutions


Please notice that the faces are positioned
quite independently of the scanner points

Because a continuous (infinite resolution) mathematical model has been generated, there is no limit to how detailed the face resolution can be.

In principle, every time the position of the surface is requested our mathematical modeling algorithm takes into account all information in the point cloud. Smoothness is possible implicitly because of the global representation. And this is why, in our case, face and point cloud resolution are two independent parameters.

When the mathematical model is translated into an STL file format, based on triangular faces, the user may freely select the density of the faces. This density may be optimized according to the fineness of the details of the scanned object, or according to the final application.

The face density can, for example, be adapted to different applications of the same object: from the same mathematical model one may generate both a CAD model for visualization and one for e.g. tool manufacturing. Because the two CAD models are merely different representations of the same mathematical model, they are basically geometrically identical.